“Nothing could have prepared” Heard for such “incredible adversity,” she tells the UK’s Sky News in an interview that proves Heard is the quintessential Karen.

Oblivious to her own privilege and the irony of her words, Amber Heard is the quintessential Karen.

In what can best be characterized as the epitome of and obscene privilege, in a year when millions of people have perished, hundreds of thousands are without sufficient money for basic necessities like rent and food, and still thousands more are becoming sick with a yet-uncontrolled and very deadly virus every day, Amber Heard, whose greatest claim to fame is having once been married to Johnny Depp, gave an this week to complain about how hard her year has been because she was compelled to go to court -and will be compelled to…

Heard is also fighting to keep information about her 2009 arrest for domestic violence out of court, because it demonstrates a pattern of lying and perpetuating repeated abuse on her part; Johnny Depp, who is in court against Heard for defamation, has never been accused of or arrested for domestic violence.

Mugshot of Amber Heard from a December, 2003 arrest in Austin, Texas, for driving with a suspended license. (Photo: ).

Amber Heard and her lawyers are still trying to subvert justice and twist very simple requests for information and documents into the most illogical and convoluted knots, in the hopes of eluding them altogether.

Recently, I told you about how it has come to light that Heard -who very publicly committed to and was in fact required to donate her $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp, as per the terms of their divorce agreement- never actually donated the money. …

The ease with which Heard positioned herself as the false victim and with which we attacked Depp shows much work is yet needed to believe, accept, and support male survivors of domestic violence

Amber Heard in her 2016 filmed deposition.

Two weeks ago, it became apparent that Amber Heard -who famously proclaimed in 2017 that she would be donating all of her $7 million dollar divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to two charities, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a donation further stipulated in the Depp/Heard divorce settlement and therefore legally required of Heard- never actually made the multi-million dollar donations she so eagerly and publicly promoted, to her benefit of course.

The CHLA’s lists Heard in , reflecting her promise of a few months earlier as the…

Carla Paola


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